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Etymology/ Definitionमृत्युः शरीरेन्द्रियात्ममनसां वियोगः । सु.सू.१/२५(४) डल्हण
ReferenceS.Su.1/25 D`lhan`a, S.Su.34/7, C.Sha.6/28
Literary MeaningDeath
Implied MeaningIt is a state of body in which mind, sense organs and soul are separated from it. This implies death of an individual.
ElaborationAfter the function of the body is over in a particular life cycle it is but inevitable that Mrityu ( death ) engulfs it.
It is the end of life cycle. Aachaarya describes various causative factors, which immediately or after certain time lead to death. E. g. trauma to vital organs like heart, Basti ( bladder ) causes immediate death. Some dietary causative factors also cause death. E. g. incompatible diet ( consumption of Chilachima, fish with milk ).
According to Charaka , death is of two types viz. timely and untimely. The first is a result of aging gradually, loosing the capacity to hold unctuousness, an increase of Vaata while the other is sudden, which is unpredicted due either to disease or trauma.
AntonymAayu Jeevita

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