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Aachaara Rasaayana

KeywordAachaara Rasaayana
Etymology/ Definitionआचार एव रसायनः । च.चि. १.४/३०-३५
ReferenceC.Chi.1/30(Chaturtha Paada)
Literary MeaningAn advice regarding behaviour offering the benefits of रसायन
Implied MeaningAachaara Rasaayana is the regimen of behaviour, food, mental activity etc. prescribed to derive benefits of rejuvenation therapy without actually undergoing the rigorous procedure.
ElaborationIt is true that properly administered रसायन therapy is very beneficial but it involves indoor management and is very rigorous. Thus it may not be possible for everyone to undergo it. To resolve this issue the sages have prescribed a code of conduct that yields comparable results. This is known as Aachaara Rasaayana .
It does not require indoor management. A person needs determination on his part as he has to refrain from alcohol, anger and other basic instincts such as lying, gambling and violence of all kinds as a rule.
There are rules and guidelines regarding diet, exercise, rest and other procedures like Abhyanga, Nasya, Basti ( medicated ) etc.
If a person follows these meticulously he derives benefits comparable to the main रसायन and hence this is widely recommended.

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