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Etymology/ Definitionऊष्मणोऽल्पबलत्वेन धातुमाद्यमपाचितम्। दुष्टमामाशयगतं रसमामं प्रचक्षते। अ.हृ.सू. १३/२५
Literary MeaningM / W – Undigested food
Implied MeaningThe partially digested food remaining in the gastro intestinal tract due to weaker digestive power is called Aama . It is the root cause for the development of various diseases.
ElaborationIt is a unique concept propounded by Ayurveda .
Various factors responsible for development of Aama are:
Weaker digestive power – Consumed food remains undigested due to lack of Agnibala ( digestive power ). Since it is produced instead of Aahaara Rasa it has access to all the sites of Aahaara Rasa. Hence it can generate bizarre and varied signs and symptoms.
Weaker Dhaatvaagni – Due to the inability of the tissue specific digestive mechanism the Aahaara Rasa that reaches the tissues is not properly and completely converted. This leads to tissue specific Aama . Thus the symptoms are developed in the affected tissues, e. g. obesity due to Aama generated in the adipose tissue metabolism.
Dosha – Dooshya Sammoorchchhanaa – When the vitiated Dosha harbour themselves in any one or more of the body constituents they hamper the local tissue metabolism. This results in generation of Aama, which has localised symptoms, e. g. Abscess ( विद्रधि ).
When Aama is associated with Dosha they exhibit altered response to their normal behavioural pattern. E. g. vitiated single Vaayu responds well to oil massage while vitiated Vaayu mixed with Aama is aggravated with the same.
General symptoms indicative of Aama Dosha are:
Occlusion of passages, heaviness and obstruction to movement.
It shows different groups of symptoms when associated with Vaata Pitta , and Kapha .
Such symptoms are:
Saama Vaata – Manifests in various types of body pains, gaseous distension, weak digestive power, constipation
Saama Pitta – Pitta is foul smelling greenish – black in colour, and sour in taste
Saama Kapha 
– Kapha is heavy, viscid, thick, turbid and dirty and has threads in it.
AntonymNiraama, Pakva, Parin`ata Dosha,

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