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Saadhaka Pitta

KeywordSaadhaka Pitta
Etymology/ Definition ओजः कृत साधकागिन्संज्ञं पित्तं । सु.सू.१५/२ डल्हण
ReferenceS.Su.15/2 D`alhan`a, A.H.Su.12/13
Literary MeaningM / W – energizing ( fire is said to be Saadhaka as it is supposed to burn within the heart and direct the faculty of volition )
Implied MeaningPitta located in Hridaya ( heart ) is known as Saadhaka Pitta.
ElaborationIt is the subtype of Pitta Dosha. It attends to mental functions such as knowledge, intelligence and self – consciousness. As heart is considered to be the seat of mind, it controls mental functions. Emotional stresses as anger, worry and fear are correlated with the Saadhaka Pitta .

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