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Etymology/ Definitionछेदनादिषुपयुक्तं लोहादिकृतं वस्तु । सु.सू.९/१४
Literary MeaningM / W – an instrument for cutting or wounding
Implied MeaningThese are sharp instruments, which are applicable for various surgical procedures.
ElaborationAs Sus`hruta Samhitaa is surgery based compendium, the detailed description regarding more than hundred types of surgical, sharp instruments is illustrated in it. The description contains details of various types of scalpels, scissors and speculae alongwith their appropriate use.
Qualities of good sharp instruments: with good handles, made of good metal, well – edged, well – formed, well – tipped, sharp and not crooked.
Contemporary ColloquialSharp instruments
AntonymAnus hastra

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