विषय सूची पर जायें


Literary MeaningComplexion enhancing
Implied MeaningSubstances and treatments that improve complexion and beauty of the skin.
ElaborationThe complexion and beauty of the skin depends mainly upon Bhraajaka Pitta, Rasa, Rakta S`hukra Dhaatu and Ojas .
Medicines which improve the complexion of skin have following attributes –
Substances having sweet taste increase Rasa, Rakta and S`hukra Dhaatu and Ojas . E. g. Milk, Ghee, Yasht`imadhu
Substances which have astringent taste purify the Rakta Dhaatu ( blood ). E. g. Honey.
Some substances improve the function of Bhraajaka Pitta and Rakta Dhaatu ( blood ). E. g. Manjisht`haa Haridraa
These substances are taken internally or are used as Lepa ( external application ). नस्य ( administration of medicines through nose ) and proper exercise also increase the complexion.

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