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Etymology/ Definitionरसवीर्यविपाकानां सामान्यं यत्र लक्ष्यते। विशेष: कर्मणां चैव प्रभावस्तस्य स स्मृत:। च.सू.२६/६७
Literary MeaningM / w – Prominent, excelling, distinguished production
Implied MeaningDespite having similar Rasa ( taste ), Veerya ( potency ), विपाक and Gun`a ( attribute ) one substance shows distinctive action than others. This distinct pharmacodynamic property is called Prabhaava .
ElaborationSubstances exhibit their action either by their taste, or by their potency or other qualities, or by विपाक ( post digestive taste ), or by their action. When the taste, post digestive taste, potency and specific action all have equal strength, the taste is superseded by post digestive taste ; both of them in turn are superseded by potency ; and finally a specific action overcomes all of them.
This phenomena can be explained with the help of some examples:
Both Chitraka ( Plumbago Zeylenica ) and Danti ( Baliospermum montanum ) are pungent in taste as well as विपाक and they are Ushn`a ( Hot ) in property. But in spite of this similarity Danti acts as purgative while Chitraka dose not. This specific purgative action of Danti is due to Prabhaava .
This is the result of specific combination of the five primordial elements at time of formation of the substance. Hence it is the substances specific action and not an attribute specific action.
Contemporary Colloquialunexplained effect

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