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Etymology/ Definitionयत् पाचयति तत् पाचनम् । तच्च वाय्वगिन्गुणभूयिष्ठम् । च. सू. २२/१७ चक्रपाणि पचत्यामं न वह्निं च कुर्याद् यद् तद् हि पाचनम् । शा. सं पू खं. ४/१
ReferenceC.Su.22/9 Chakrapaan`i, Sh.S.P.4/1
Literary MeaningM / W – digestive, softening
Implied MeaningThe Dravya , which actively participate in digestion and conversion of Aamadravya ( undigested substances ).
ElaborationThis is one of the seven S`hamana Upakrama in which the vitiated Dosha and Aama are converted to a harmless form by improving the Agni function without physically eliminating them.
Paachana Dravya predominantly has properties of Teja and Vaayu Mahaabhoota They have tastes like sour, salty, pungent and Ushn`a Veerya . All the tastes except sweet are used as Paachana.
Due to weaker Agnibala ( digestive power ) consumed food remains undigested ( Apakva ), which is the root cause for Vyadhinirmit ( generation of majority of intrinsic diseases ). Paachana Dravya is used to convert them into appropriate form. E. g. S`hun`t`hee ( Zinziber Officinale ), Mustaa ( Cyprus Rotundus )
The term Paachana has various connotations according to the situation.
E. g. Dosha Paachana Dhaatu Paachana Mala Paachana . Depending upon the type and grades of indigestion ( अग्निमांद्य Aama Apakva Dosha ) selection of Dravya is different.
Contemporary ColloquialDigestive agents

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