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Etymology/ Definition यन्त्रनिष्पीडितात्‌ द्रव्यात्‌ रस: स्वरस: उच्यते। च.सू.४/६
ReferenceC.Su.4/7, Sh.S.M.1/2
Literary MeaningJuice
Implied MeaningThe juice of fresh herb extracted by crushing is called Svarasa .
ElaborationIt is first of the five basic preparations. As it is acquired directly from fresh plants it is heavy to digest. Of all the five preparations it is the heaviest to digest ( Panchavidha Kashaaya Kalpanaa )
If fresh plant is not available, then an alternate method for obtaining juice from dry plant is provided. Two Kud`ava of water is added to one Kud`ava of a dry and crude plant. This combination is kept for 24 hours so that water has enough time to permeate in the inner layers of the heartwood of the hard plant. This helps in getting juice from the plant’s essence on crushing the plant.
Recommended dose of Svarasa by S`haarangadhara in various diseases is half a Pala ( 20 ml .). Juice of Aamalakee is used in diabetes.
Contemporary ColloquialExtracted juice of plants

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