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Etymology/ Definitionलंघने लघु:। अ.हृ.सू.१/१८ हेमाद्रि
ReferenceS.Su.46/518, A.H.Su.1/18 Hemaadri
Literary MeaningM / W – light, easy, not heavy or difficult, light in the stomach, easily digested
Implied MeaningThis is one of the twenty attributes significant in both internal as well as the external environments. At the external / macro level it signifies lightness while at the internal / micro level it indicates the time taken by it to be digested, converted by the digestive capacity of the individual.
It is a natural attribute of Vaata and Pitta Dosha .
ElaborationLaghu Dravya control Kapha and increase Vaata . This property causes depletion of the Dhaatu of the body. It also causes Lekhana of the body. Laghu constituents facilitate healing of the wound. Laghu Dravya clears the channels of the body and brings lightness in the body as well as induces a feeling of enthusiasm and alertness. It is the prime attribute of Aakaas`ha Teja , and Vaayu Mahaabhoota . Patient with low level of Agni should consume diet of Laghu Gun`a to prevent further formation of Aama .
Contemporary ColloquialLight, easy to digest

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