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Etymology/ Definitionआशुकारी तथा आशुत्वात् धावति अम्भसि तैलवत् । सु.सू.४६/५२४
ReferenceS.Su.46/ 524, C.Chi.24/32
Literary MeaningM / W – fast, quick, going quickly
Implied MeaningIt is an attribute . Aas`hukaaree due to its quick acting nature spreads like oil on water.
ElaborationIt is an attribute of विष ( poison ). Due to this attribute विष has capacity to cause immediate death. Madya also possesses Aas hukaaree attribute due to which it immediately spreads in channels and reduces Prasaada attribute of Oja .
रक्तपित्त is a Mahaagada ( serious disease ) and it afflicts the patient very quickly. It manifests itself like fire and affects instantaneously ( S`highrakaaree ). Therefore the physician who is well versed in aetiology, signs and symptoms of this disease should immediately proceed for treatment.
Similarly विसर्प ( herpes ) is considered as Aas hukaaree disease.
SynonymsAs`huga ( C. Chi. 24 / 32 )

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