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Meda Dhaatu

KeywordMeda Dhaatu
Etymology/ Definitionस्वतेजो अम्बुगुणस्निग्धोद्रिक्तं मेदो अभिजायते । च.चि.१५/३०
ReferenceC.Chi.15/30, C.Su.28/15, C.Su.28/15, A.H.Su.11/18, A.H.Sha.3/80
Literary MeaningAdipose tissue M / W – fat
Implied MeaningIt is formed after Maamsa and in the Medovaha Srotas. It is nourished by Medodharaa Kalaa ( fat supporting membrane ), which is by and large distributed all over body.
ElaborationIt is the tissue that is responsible for lubrication of the body parts hence it exhibits unctuous, heavy, soft, slimy, smooth, and slightly dense attributes.
It measures two Anjalee in the body.
It gives strength to the body as well as to the bones. Snaayu and Sandhi ( joints ) are its tissue subtypes.
Diseases due to the vitiation of adipose tissue are स्थौल्य ( obesity ), Diabetes.
Apart from these in various diseases where adipose tissue is involved it produces symptoms like excessive perspiration, stickiness of the body, bad smell to the body, tremors, oedema, pain in the joints etc.
Contemporary ColloquialAdipose tissue, fat

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