विषय सूची पर जायें


Etymology/ Definitionविषं हन्ति यद्, तत् विषघ्नम् ।
Literary MeaningM / W – destroying or counter-acting poison, antidotal, an antidote.
Implied MeaningAny drug or procedure is Vishaghna when it counteracts the poison by cleansing the body and maintains the attributes of the Ojas .
All such substances or procedures when employed annihilate the toxic effect of poison from the body are collectively called as Vishaghna .
Elaborationविष generally refers to any type of Sthaavara Visha ( belonging to the vegetable world ) or Jaangama Visha ( coming from living beings ).
The attributes of विष are exactly opposite to the Ojas, which resides in the heart. Therefore, when विष enters in to the body, it traverses to the heart ( Hridaya ), by its Vyavaayee and Vikaas`hee attributes and reaches in to the heart. There it hampers all the qualities of Ojas and proves as fatal.
It is necessary to prevent the विष from reaching the Hridaya. Therefore, Charaka Samhitaa explains 24 Upakrama . These all are having Vishaghna effect ( antipoisonous effect ); may it be Sthaavara or Jangama Visha .
S`hireesha Albezzia lebbeck Benth .) is the best of all Vishaghna Dravya. Charaka has explained group of 10 drugs, which have antipoisonous activity. E. g. Haridraa Curcuma longa Linn .), Manjisht`haa Rubia cordifolia Linn .)
( Gold ) is also one of the important Vishaghna Dravya.

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