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Etymology/ Definitionव्यायामः शरीर आयासजननं कर्म । च.नि.१/४० ङल्हण, शरीरायासजननं कर्म व्यायामसंज्ञितम् । सु.चि.२४/३८
ReferenceC.Su.7/31, A.H.Su.2/10, S.Ni.1/41 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningM / W – exertion , manly effort , athletic or gymnastic exercise , exercise
Implied MeaningPhysical exercise is one of the procedures from a daily regimen.
ElaborationExercise should be done everyday to strengthen the body constituents ( Maamsa Dhaatu ), keeping the following factors in mind:
Recommendations for exercise – People who are strong and who daily consume fatty, unctuous food should do it. In cold seasons and spring it should be done to half of their capacity only. While doing exercise half capacity of a person is said to be reached, when he starts perspiring on forehead, nose, axillae, joints of limbs and feels dryness in mouth.
Benefits of daily exercise – lightness of the body, ability to do hard work, enhanced digestion, depletion of fat, stable and distinctive physique acquired by regular physical exercise.
After doing the exercise all of the body should be comfortably massaged with proper oil.
Excessive exercise should be avoided because it gives rise to thirst, emaciation, severe dyspnoea, bleeding disorders, exhaustion, cough, fever, and vomiting.

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