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Etymology/ Definitionतीक्ष्णो वह्निः पचेत् शीघ्रम् असम्यग् अपि भोजनम् । वा. शा. ३/७३ यो असम्यग् अपि अन्नं भुक्तं द्राक् पचेत्, स तीक्ष्णः । वा. शा. ३/७३ अरुणदत्त
ReferenceA.H.Sha.3/73, C.Vi.6/12
Literary MeaningM / W – Morbidly rapid digestion or too rapid digestion or surpassing fire.
Implied MeaningIt refers to the increased state of digestive capacity
ElaborationAgni is the digestive capacity of an individual. It is responsible for the metabolism, generation of the Dosha Dhaatu and Mala . It can be under the influence of vitiated Dosha and lead to various diseases. When it is under the influence of vitiated Pitta it is called as Teekshn`aagni which leads to a state called as Atyagni . It is capable of digesting the food in large amount and also, very quickly.
If food gets digested before 4 Yaama ( 12 hours ), then the digestive capacity is labelled as Teekshn`aagni . ( A. San. Su. 11 )
This type of Agni is generally, found in a person having Pitta constitution.
To bring this digestive capacity to its normal, it is advised to consume heavy, unctuous diet. Diet and lifestyle which increases Kapha is advised. E. g. Divaasvaapa ( sleep in daytime ), Paayasa Paisht`ika ( food stuffs prepared from flour ), Aanoopa Maamsa etc.
SynonymsTeekshn`aagni (Bhasmaka )

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