विषय सूची पर जायें


ReferenceS.Su.19/24, S.Su.19/27
Literary MeaningM / W – Destroying evil spirits or demons.
Implied MeaningTreatment that protects one from evil spirits, devils etc.
ElaborationIf a person who is susceptible and is wounded there is a chance that he will be possessed by evil spirits or demons. These treatment modalities when administered help in exorcising the possessing entity or it generates, Following measures are to be adopted by a wounded person for proper healing of the wound without complications –
1. He must cut his hair and nails regularly.
2. He should always ware white and clean clothes.
3. He should serve the God, Guru and Braahmin and should hear the Veda mantra .
4. Medicines like Nimba , butter and salt should be burnt and the smoke should be allowed to go over the wound.
5. He should adorn medicines like Vachaa Jat`aamaansee etc. on his head.
SynonymsRakshoghna .

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