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Etymology/ Definitionसम् – ऋ
ReferenceC.Su.14/64, A.H.Su.17/28
Literary MeaningSam + Ri – to cause to come in to conflict or collision,
M / W – provoking ; war , battle
Implied MeaningIt is hostile encounter between the two persons.
ElaborationAahava is an encounter between two people, which induces perspiration in a person as it causes exertion. It causes perspiration without using heat directly. This type of Svedana is call as Anagni Anaagneya Sveda .
Charaka has discribed several methods to induce sweating without directly using fire. Wrestling is one of Anagni Sveda as individual get sweat profusely after workout and gets effects of Svedana Anagni Svedana indicated in Medaavrita and Kaphaavrita Vaata .
SynonymsSamara, Yuddha

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