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Etymology/ Definitionप्रवृत्युन्मुखत्वं वेग:। अ. हृ. सू. ४/१ हेमाद्रि, वेगः प्रवृत्त्युन्मुखत्वम् मूत्रपुरीषादीनाम् । च. सू. ७/३ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Su.7/3 Chakrapaan`i, A.H.Su.4/1 Hemaadri
Literary MeaningUrge, M / W – expulsion of the faces
Implied MeaningThe basic physiological urges are termed as Vega . They indicate a change in the internal environment. This has to be set right in case it should lead to an initially functional disparity culminating in structural organic damage.
ElaborationSuppression or induction of physiological urges is an important cause of several diseases.
These are classified as:
Urge for elimination or excretion of waste products
a ) Solid waste products – stools
b ) Liquid waste products – micturition ( urine ), Emesis ( vomitus )
c ) Gaseous waste products – Passage of flatus, belching, yawing, exertional breathlessness
2 ) Protective reflexes, which are meant to keep air passage clear – sneezing, coughing
3 ) Natural secretions – semen, tears
4 ) Urges for Self survival – hunger, thirst, sleep
Contemporary ColloquialUrge

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