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Etymology/ Definitionतत्र मन:शरीराबाधाकराणि शल्यानि। सु.सू.७/४
ReferenceS.Su.7/4, S.Su.26/4
Literary MeaningM / W – anything tormenting or causing pain ( as a thorn, sting etc .), or any extraneous substance lodged in the body causing pain ( e. g. a splinter, pin, stone in the bladder ; also applied to the dead foetus in the womb )
Implied MeaningOne, which causes distress to mind and body is called S`halya .
ElaborationIt is classified into two types:
1. Nija ( internal ) – pain generated due to internal body factors like vitiated Dosha and contaminated Dhaatu ( body constituents ), Mala ( waste products ).
2. Aagantuka ( external ) – pain generated due to external factors like trauma especially piercing injuries that end up in embedding the object at the site.
Grahabaadhaa – pain due to possession by supernatural powers etc.
The branch of Ayurveda , which deals with removal of various foreign bodies and extensive use of instruments, use of sharp instruments for cutting, Kshaara ( caustic alkalis ), Agni ( heat ) is called S`halyatantra ( surgery ).
Contemporary ColloquialForeign body, Surgery

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