विषय सूची पर जायें


Literary MeaningM / W – Enhancing bodily strength
Implied MeaningThings that increase Ojas
ElaborationOjovardhaka treatment is required when there is Ojakshaya . Medicines belonging to Jeevaneeya Gan`a like Yasht`imadhu , medicines having sweet taste and S`heeta Veerya are used for this purpose. Milk, butter, Ghrita and clear meat soup are some of the Ojovardhaka food articles.
Wearing the ornaments made up of precious metals like gold, silver and gems like diamond, ruby etc. is also advised. As a result of Ojovriddhi the person exhibits increases efficiency and physical power along with a sense of well being and vigor.
Out of all the body constituents Ojovriddhi is the only वृद्धि that is desirable.
AntonymBalavyaapat, Balavisramsa, Balakshaya

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