विषय सूची पर जायें


ReferenceC.Su.21/50, S.Sha4/38, S.Sha4/41, S.Sha.4/48
Literary MeaningM / W – Sleeping by the day
Implied MeaningTo sleep during the day
ElaborationDivaasvaapa causes Prakopa of Kapha and Pitta Dosha, which results in obstruction of the body channels. This leads to various signs and symptoms like headache, heaviness, body ache, loss of digestive power, edema, loss of appetite, nausea, decrease in the ability of the sense organs, memory, deciding power etc.
Sleeping during the daytime may cause following diseases –
Migraine, various skin diseases, urticaria, itching, cough, cold, diseases of throat, fever etc.
But sleeping in the day is allowed in Greeshma Ritu ( Summer ).
Also, it is indicated in following conditions –
1. When a person does a heavy work and is exhausted by lifting heavy weights, walking, singing, studying, traveling, drinking alcohol etc.
2. Indicated for old persons, children and persons who are weak and very thin.
3. Patients suffering from loose motions, indigestion, hiccup, excessive thirst, pain and wounds.
4. When a person is tired because of anger, grief, and fear.
As per Sushruta Samhitaa , these people can sleep in the day for 48 minutes.
If a person doesn’t sleep at the night, then he may sleep at the day. But the time period allowed for the sleep is half the time for which he was awake at the night on empty stomach.
Sleeping in the day immediately after lunch is the cause for contamination of Maamsavaha Srotas .

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