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Etymology/ Definition उपद्रवस्तु खलु रोगोत्तरकालजो रोगाश्रयो रोग एव स्थूलोऽणुर्वा, रोगान्‌ पश्चात्‌ जायत इति उपद्रव संज्ञ:। च.सू.२१/४०
ReferenceC.Chi.21/40, M.Ni.1
Literary MeaningComplication , M / W – a supervenient disease or one brought on whilst a person labours under another
Implied MeaningUpadrava ( Complication ) is a separate disease having the same Dosha combination as the main disease, which arises during or immediately after the course of the existing disease. It generally subsides when the main disease is controlled.
ElaborationThe lowered resistance of the patient during the course of the original disease acts as the predisposing factor for the development of Upadrava ( complication ). There is no need to treat complication separately unless it is harbouring in a मर्म ( vital points ) or it is more powerful and life threatening.
In some diseases development of complications indicate uncontrolled Dosha activity. This indicates critical stage of a disease e. g. प्रमेह पिडका ( Carbuncle ) in प्रमेह ( Diabetes ).
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