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Etymology/ Definitionविचित्रप्रत्ययारब्धद्रव्यभेदेन भिद्यते। अ.हृ.सू.९/२८
Literary MeaningThe entity formed by causes that are not easily understandable and perceived exhibits characters that are not in conformity with the appearance.
Implied MeaningThe 5 primordial elements are the causal substances and all of the effect substances have a specific combination of them in it. The behaviour of the effect substance is generally predictable and according to the Bhautika constitution, it would possess the logical taste, post digestive taste and potency and exhibit a set of actions accordingly.
When a substance defies this order and exhibits altogether different set of actions in spite of having comparable set of other attributes it is Vichitrapratyayaarabdha Dravya. This difference is attributed to the initiating combination of the elements, which is out of ordinary. Predictable behaviour substances are Samaana Pratyayaarabdha Dravya .
ElaborationThis is a special category of substances, born out of peculiar combination of Pancha Mahaabhoota . E. g. Godhooma ( wheat ) and Yava ( barley ) posses sweet and heavy to digest properties. Yet wheat alleviates Vaata whereas barley aggravates Vaata.
SynonymsVikriti Vishama Samavaayaarabdha
AntonymSamaana Pratyayaarabdha Dravya

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