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Etymology/ Definitionस्वतेजो अम्बुगुणस्निग्धोद्रिक्तं मेदो अभिजायते /च.चि.१५/३०
ReferenceC.S.15/30, C.Su.28/15, C.Su.28/15, A.H.Su.11/18, A.H.Sha.3/80
Literary MeaningAdipose tissue M / W – fat
Implied MeaningIt is formed after Maamsa and in the Medovaha Srotas . It is nourished by Medodharaa Kalaa ( fat supporting membrane ), which is by and large distributed all over body .
ElaborationIt is the tissue that is responsible for lubrication of the body parts hence it exhibits unctuous , heavy , soft , slimy , smooth , and slightly dense attributes .
It measures two Anjalee _ s in the body .
It gives strength to the body as well as to the bones . Snaayu and Sandhi _ s ( joints ) are its tissue subtypes .
Diseases due to the vitiation of adipose tissue are Sthaulya ( obesity ), Diabetes .
Apart from these in various diseases where adipose tissue is involved it produces symptoms like excessive perspiration , stickiness of the body , bad smell to the body , tremors , oedema , pain in the joints etc .
Contemporary ColloquialAdipose tissue , fat

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