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Etymology/ Definitionतत्रेह मात्रा अनपायिपरिमाणम्। च.सू.५/३ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Su.5/3 Chakrapaan`i
Literary MeaningM / W – Measure ( of any kind ), quantity, size, duration, number, degree, unit of measure, unit of time, moment, metrical unit, length of time required to pronounce a short vowel ( a long vowel contains 2 Maatra )
Implied Meaning1. Dose of medicine, diet.
2. Unit , measure of time.
ElaborationEssentially it is the dose. It could be that of food or medicine, which can be tolerated well by the body without any discomfort. It should be enough to maintain the equilibrium of the body constituents and health.
The dose depends on the innate nature of the substance to be consumed. If it is Guru ( heavy on digestion ), then it should be consumed in less than the normal quantity and if it is Laghu ( light on digestion ), then it could be consumed in comparatively larger amounts. This needs careful evaluation of Agni activity.
It is a unit measure of time. It is the time taken for moving a tip of the right hand around the right knee or the time required for a single blink of an eyelid.

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