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Aadaana Kaala

KeywordAadaana Kaala
Etymology/ Definitionआददाति क्षपयति पृथिव्या: सौम्यांशं: प्राणिनां च बलमित्यादानम्। च. सू. ६/४ चक्रपाणि
Literary MeaningM / W – taking away
Implied MeaningThe natural energy is withdrawn by the increased power of sun. In this phase the natural body energy and fluids are forcibly extracted by the increasing intensity of sun, leaving the body progressively dry and light.
ElaborationThe solar movement from tropic of Capricorn to the tropic of cancer is called Uttaraayan`a . During this period there is gradual increase in heat, dryness, lightness in the atmosphere. It leads to depletion of unctuousness, fluidity resulting in accumulation of Vaata and depletion of Kapha . This period of six months comprises three Ritu ( S`his`hira, Vasanta, Grishma ). In this period strong properties ( Teekshn`a, Ushn`a, Rooksha ) of Sun and Vaayu are influential in environment and they absorb Saumya properties of Earth. It results in decrease in energy and strength of human beings. To compensate for this loss appropriate measures of drug, diet and regimen are essential. In this period all individuals have low level of Agni . Hence they should stick to light diet. They should not perform heavy physical exercise.
AntonymVisarga Kaala

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