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Etymology/ Definitionगण्यन्ते इति गणा: समूहा: । सु. सू. ३८/३ डल्हण
गण: समूह: । अ. ह. सू. १५/१ अरुणदत्त.
ReferenceS. Su. 38/3, 80 D`alhan`a, A.H.15/1 Arun`adatta C.Su.4/8
Literary MeaningM / W – series, class, a series or a group
Implied MeaningIt is group of plants, which acts on a common set of symptoms or diseases. Gan`a are described by Sus`hruta and Vaagbhat`a .
ElaborationThis is a guideline for the use of plants having a common action, effect. This group of medicines can be utilised in the form of Kalka ( paste ), Kashaaya ( decoction ), Taila ( oil ), and Avaleha as internal medicine or for medicated oil enema or for nasal administration of medicated oil.
Charakaachaarya classifies plants on the basis of their actions like Bhrimhan`eeya Jeevan`eeya etc. and cites examples of ten plants each in every group. Charakaachaarya labels this as Mahaakashaaya.
SynonymsSamgraha Varga Mahaakashaaya

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