विषय सूची पर जायें


Etymology/ Definitionबुद्धिं लुम्पति यद् द्रव्यं मदकारी तद् उच्यते । शा.सं.पू खं.४/२१
ReferenceC.Chi.24/30 ,Sh.S.P.4/21
Literary MeaningM / W – causing intoxication , intoxicating
Implied MeaningDravya, which slow down natural functions of Buddhi ( intellect ), are called Madakaaree .
ElaborationOut of the three attributes of mind these substances act on the Tamogun`a , which deals with baser instincts and ignorance, sleep etc. Under the influence of these substances the mental and intellectual faculties are suppressed, the person is unable to take decisions, think rationally and is euphoric. The individual’s response to them is decided by his / her constitution. Vaata constitution responds faster compared to other constitutions. They contain attributes like Teekshn`a ( intense ), Sookshma ( subtle ), Laghu ( light ), Ushn`a ( hot ), Aas`hu ( fast acting ), and Rooksha ( dry ).
These attributes are exactly opposite to Ojas . Therefore they cause irritation and destruction of Ojas . They have similar effect on mind making it euphoric. The effect of these Dravya shows variation in different persons having different Prakriti Vaata Prakriti people exhibit intermediate response to these Dravya as compared to Kapha Prakriti , which show very slow response.
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