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Etymology/ Definition सात्विकं शौचमास्तिक्यं शुक्लधर्मरुचिर्मतिः । अ.ह्र.शा.३/७
ReferenceS.Sha.1/19, A.H.Sha.3/7
Literary MeaningAttributes of goodness such as calmness, self – discipline, purity, and peace of mind.
Implied MeaningIt is one of the three attributes of the Prakriti or the primordial female principle. It transcends in the subsequent entities of evolution.
It is also a synonym for the mind, as the mind is comprised of the three of them viz. Sattva, Raajas and Taamas.
ElaborationA mental attribute. It is considered as a Manogun`a or a positive attribute having only beneficial effect. The other two are the vitiator or the Dosha.
It is capable of contributing to the psychological constitution ( Maanasa Prakriti ) of an individual. Owing to its influence, qualities like cleanliness, piety, respect for elders, mild and pleasant disposition, analytical mind, manifest in an individual.
Aakaas`ha Agni and Aaapa Mahaabhoota possess Sattva attribute.
Contemporary ColloquialMind, Mental State

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