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Etymology/ Definitionजीवने हितम जीवनीयम् । च.सू.४/१ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Su.4/1 Chakrapaan`i
Literary MeaningLife supporting
Implied MeaningSubstances, which are beneficial to body constituents and impart healthy life to an individual are called Jeevaneeya.
ElaborationThese substances have mainly dominance of Prithvee and Aapa Mahaabhoota dominant Madhura Rasa ( sweet taste ). Sweet taste induces strength to all body constituents. Healthy Dhaatu remain in a balanced state and avoid diseases. If body constituents are strong the recovery from any disease will be fast. The Jeevaneeya substances prevent depletion of body constituents ( Dhaatukshaya Nivaaran`a ), stabilise the Dosha and Dhaatu Dhaatu Saamya ) and replenish Praan ` a. In healthy state Jeevana means life, which is main function of Rakta Dhaatu . These substances support blood and function as promoter of life, Jeevaneeya .
These substances possess sweet, unctuous and cold attributes e. g. cow milk as the best Jeevaneeya substance. In Charaka Samhitaa group of ten life – supporting substances ( Jeevaneeya Das`hemaani ) are described. E. g. Jeevantee ( Leptadenia reticulata ), Maashaparn`ee ( Termanus labialis ) etc.
Contemporary ColloquialNourishing agents
AntonymPraan`ahara, Visha

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