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Vran`a Ropan`a

KeywordVran`a Ropan`a
Literary Meaning‘ Vran`a’ means ulcer , ‘ Ropan`a’ means healing, i. e. The process of Wound healing
Implied MeaningA processes or a drug facilitates the process of wound healing.
The substances or procedures, when administered help in healing of wounds are collectively called Vran`a Ropan`a.
ElaborationVran`a Ropan`a is carried out after complete Vran`a S`hodhana ( cleansing of the wound – when wound becomes free from the Dosha and Pooya ).
Kashaaya ( astringent ) and Maamasavardhaka Dravya are to be use for facilitating wound healing.
Ropan`a Varti – wound healing suppository can also be used for this purpose. When a wound is devoid of pain, clean ( free from Dosha ), and if it is deep ( Gambheera ); then Ropan`a Varti is indicated.
In Kaphavaataja Vran`a – Siddha Taila ( Medicated oil ) is to be used for wound healing.
Wound on the joints, which are not to be bandage and which are not healing due to the movements are to be healed by using Nyagrodhaadi Rasakriyaa .
When wound is at the skin level, the Choorn`a is to be applied for the purpose. It may be Triphalaa, Rodhra ( Symplocos racemosa Roxb .), Kims`huka ( Butea frondosa ) etc.

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