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Etymology/ DefinitionölÉxÉä ¨ÉÞnÖü& * ´ÉÉ. ºÉÚ. 1 ½äý¨ÉÉÊpü&
Literary MeaningM / W – act of softening
Implied MeaningIt is a procedure by which hardness of the wound is converted to softness.
ElaborationThis is one of the 60 procedures in wound healing.
This process is indicated where the wound is –
Hard ( Kat`hina )
Devoid of flesh
Vitiated ( Dusht`a )
This condition is cause due to vitiation of Vaayu ; it makes the wound hard. To make the wound soft and gentle ( Mridu ), Sneha Ghrita, Taila, Vasaa and Majjaa ) are use, which are Vaata pacifying agents. Drugs having sweet taste and having unctuous attribute are also used.
Seka ( continuous pouring of liquid on a lesion ) is carried out in Kaphaanugata Vran`a .
In Vaata vitiated wound, रक्तमोक्षण is also performed. Gaad`ha Bandha ( tight pressure bandage ) is applied on the wound.
All these procedures bring softness to the wound, avoid hardness, and enhance the process of wound healing.
SynonymsMridu Karma
AntonymDaarun`a Karma

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