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S`heeta Vihaara

KeywordS`heeta Vihaara
Literary MeaningS`heeta means cold , Vihaara means lifestyle to follow
Implied MeaningIt means cold kind of lifestyle which is advisable to Pitta dominant persons. To stay in a cool place, to make use of cool things to get protection from hot weather in summer.
ElaborationRitucharyaa tells us how to make changes in our day – to – day life according to the season. This helps to maintain health in every season.
In summer, protection from heat is necessary. To achieve this, following measures are to be adopted –
1. Eating food that is sweet and cool. E. g. Fruit juice, squash
2. Staying in cool places such as gardens.
3. Swimming
4. Having Lepa of medicines like sandal, wearing flowers etc.
5. Avoiding spicy food, exposure to sunlight and heavy exercise.
AntonymUshn`a Vihaara

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