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Literary MeaningM / W – Prasava means a prodigy happening at the birth of a child.
Implied MeaningThese are different measure which should be followed for normal delivery by vaginal way.
ElaborationSukhaprasavakara means measures for comfortable delivery. Ayurveda advises following measure for vaginal delivery with less labour pain.
1. Taila Pichu Dhaaran`a: It is advised to keep gauze soaked in Tila oil. It should be kept in vagina from first trimester to last trimester. It soothes the vaginal canal. It softens Kat`ee, Paars`hva and back region. It allows Vaayu to move freely without any obstruction ( Anulomana ). It also releases fecal matter and urine easily and without pain.
2. Daad`imaadi Ghrita : This Ghrita should be used as part of internal medication.
3. Bhoorjapatra Dhooma : Fumigation using Bhoorjapatra also fascilitates vaginal delivary.

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