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Etymology/ Definitionकल्को रसक्रिया चूर्णस्त्रिविधं प्रतिसारणम्। अ.हृ.सू.२२/१३
Literary MeaningM / W – dressing and anointing the edges of a wound.
Implied MeaningIt is an application of medicine to the interior of mouth or an external application to parts of the body with a finger.
ElaborationIt is mainly indicated in diseases related with mouth ( mouth ulcers ). A specific form of medicine should be selected for Pratisaaran`a according to the dominance of Dosha in the related disease condition. This medicine should be applied with finger.
As per Vaagbhat`a, Pratisaaran ` a is of 3 types:
1. Kalka ( paste or pulp )
2. Rasakriyaa
3. Choorn`a ( powder )
Sus`hruta has mentioned an extra type:
4. Kshaudra ( honey )
SynonymsUdgharshan`a, Utsaadana
Contemporary ColloquialRubbing

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