विषय सूची पर जायें


Literary MeaningProtecting from supernatural powers
Implied MeaningThis is a set of sacred procedures used for protection of newborn baby from supernatural powers.
ElaborationCharaka has explained “ Rakshaa Vidhi ” in S`haareerasthaana . The measures are as follows:
1. The branches of the trees like Aadaanee, Khadira ( Acacia catechu ), Karkandhu ( Zizipus nummularia ), Peelu ( Salvadora persica Linn .), Parooshaka ( Grewia asiatica Linn .) should be tied onto the doorframe.
2. Seeds of Sarshapa ( Brassica campestris Var. Sarson Prain .), Atasee ( Linum usitatissimum Linn .), Tan`d`ula are be spread all over the home.
3. Till the naming ceremony, “ Tan`d`ula Bali Homa ” ( sacred obligation ) is performed.
4. In the door, “ Musala ” ( a wooden pestle used for cleaning rice ) is placed diagonally.
5. Small bag ( Pot`t`alee ) of Vachaa ( Acorus calamus ), Sarshapa ( Brassica campestris Var. Sarson Prain .), Kusht`ha ( Saussurea lappa ) should be tied up in the home made for Sootikaa .
6. Atharvaveda S`haanti Svastyayana should be performed by Braahman`a .
SynonymsRakshaa Karma

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