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Etymology/ Definition आमेन तेन सम्पृक्ता दोषा दूष्याश्च दूषिता:। सामा इत्युपदिश्यन्ते ये च रोगास्तदुद्भवा:। अ. हृ. सू. १३/२७
Literary MeaningAny entity along with Aama, M / W – undigested, crude, not sufficiently prepared or matured
Implied MeaningThe body constituents when mixed with Aama are called Saama . This association alters the basic attributes of the constituent.
ElaborationWhen Jaat haraagni is not functioning optimally and at lower intensity the result after digestion is Aama and not Aahaara Rasa . Since this is generated in place of Rasa it has access to all the paths and sites of Rasa . Thus it can associate with any body constituent like Dosha Dhaatu and Mala . This association alters their basic behaviour. In such a situation Vaata, which normally responds well to the use of oils is aggravated in presence of Aama . When it reaches the tissues and causes obstruction to their normal function it needs to be eliminated. However, it cannot be eliminated as it is attached firmly to the cells and any attempt to forcibly eliminate it results in irreversible damage to the cells like an effort of extracting juice from a raw fruit.
Hence the treatment in principle is to improve the Agni function, convert the Aama to a less offensive, neutral form, bring it to the Kosht`ha and then eliminate it from the nearest aperture. Subsequently certain substances that ensure optimal functioning of Agni need to be used.
AntonymNiraama Pakva Jeern`a

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