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Etymology/ Definitionधीधृतिस्मृतिविभ्रष्ट: कर्म यत् कुरुतेऽशुभम्। प्रज्ञापराधं तं विद्यात् सर्वदोषप्रकोपणम्। च.शा. १/१०२
Implied MeaningWhen the activities related to body, speech, and mind are carried out in a wrong or improper way due to the intellectual impairment of Dhee ( intellect ), Dhriti ( patience ), and Smriti ( memory ), it is called Pradnyaaparaadha . This leads to vitiation of three Doshaa .
ElaborationIn a balanced state of intellect, patience, and memory the body normally tends to select and perform favourable things and avoid harmful things. This leads it to a healthy state. But under the influence of Taamas and Raajas intellect, patience and memory get impaired. Thus capacity of the person to differentiate between good and bad is hampered leading him to indulge in performing unfavourable, harmful actions.
It is one of the three causes for development of all diseases. E. g. forcible induction of natural urges and suppression of manifested ones, loss of modesty and good conduct disrespect for respectable ones, deriving pleasure from destructive, harmful activities etc.
SynonymsDhee Dhriti Smriti Vibhramsha, Apradnya
Contemporary ColloquialUnsetteled state of mind and higher faculties

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