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Etymology/ Definitionनिग्रहात् वेगकाले अवरोधात । सु उ.४२/७७ डल्ह
Literary MeaningM / W – obstruction of the natural excretions
Implied MeaningSuppression of urges like micturition, sneezing, cough is called Vegaavarodha
ElaborationThe various physiological urges indicate a change in the internal environment. Withholding or suppressing them forcibly constitutes malfunction as well as organic damage too.
All the urges are controlled by Vaata. Suppression of biological urges result in Vaata Prakopa . Suppression results in retention of waste products, which leads to severe and chronic diseases. So while treating such diseases focus of treatment should be on Vaata Dosha . The retention of waste products also has toxic effect on body e. g. Suppression of micturition results in retention of urine and distention of bladder, pain in bladder, penis and pelvic region. Similarly suppression of other urges leads to specific diseases.
Contemporary ColloquialSuppression of natural urges

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