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Etymology/ Definitionप्रक्लिन्न क्लेद बहुल शरीर । अ.ह्र.सू.८/५४ हेमाद्रि
ReferenceC.Sha.14/15 6, A.H.Su. 8/54 Hemaadri, C.Ni. 4/7, C.Ni.6/7, C.Chi. 21/37
Literary MeaningM / W – moistened, wet, putrefied
Implied MeaningThe word is a derivative of the word ‘ Kleda’ . It is a liquefied state of Dosha .
ElaborationIt has physiological as well as pathological significance. It is one of the six factors influencing digestion. Kleda ( the fluid component ) helps to soften the consumed food and renders it liquidity so it is absorbed easily from the gut into the vessels.
It is described in Asht`aanga Hridaya that Anupaana should be avoided in Praklinna Deha ( a body with excessive fluid content ) in diseases like Peenasa ( Rhinitis ), Urakshata. In various diseases Kleda ( the circulating liquid content ) related symptoms are described. E. g. Audumbara Kusht`ha ( a type of skin disease ). Kleda is one of the Dooshya in diseases like Prameha ( Diabetes ), Kusht`ha ( Skin diseases ), विसर्प ( herpes )
SynonymsPraklinna Kleda

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