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Taila Varga

KeywordTaila Varga
Literary MeaningGroup of oils
Implied MeaningThis is a group of different oils extracted from seeds.
This is a group of substances, mainly herbs, which yield oil from their seeds. These oils collectively constitute the Taila Varga
ElaborationTaila Varga is a group of different oils extracted from vegetable seeds. It is considered as a part of liquid material ( Drava Dravya ) explained by Ayurveda . Thus, oils have Sthaavara Yoni of Sneha ( belonging to the plant kingdom ) e. g. Tila Sesamum indicum Linn .), Sarshapa Brassica campestris var. sarson Prain ), Kusumbha ( Carthamus tinctorius Linn .) etc.
Amongst all these oils, Tila ( Sesame ) oil is the best as it provides strength and oleation.

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