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Etymology/ Definitionविस्त्रावणम् रक्तमोक्षणम् । सु.क .५/२३ डल्हण
Literary MeaningBloodletting
Implied MeaningThe procedure in which vitiated blood is let out of the body with different methods is called Raktaavaseka.
ElaborationBlood letting in a scientific manner is one of the पंचकर्म therapies used for cleansing the body tissues ( i. e. blood ).
It is prescribed both as a promotive and a preventive tool. As a therapy it is indicated in situations that do not respond to conventional modalities of management e. g. oleation, sudation, Paachana etc.
Types of blood letting are:
1. Jalaukaa – ( Leech ) Bloodletting with leeches.
2. Alaabu – bloodletting by using Lagenaria Siceraria
3. S`hringa – With the help of a hollowed deer horn4. Prachchhaana – Blood letting by creating multiple shallow incisions over the affected area
5. Siraavedha – blood letting with the vein puncture method
Depending upon the extent and severity it is done either locally by leeches or on the whole body by vein puncture.
General indications – various skin diseases ( विसर्प ) Leucoderma, abscesses etc.
Contemporary ColloquialVein puncture

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