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Etymology/ Definitionसा च त्रिगुणा सत्त्वरजतमोगुणा । सु. शा. १/९ डल्हण
ReferenceS.Sha.1/9 D`alhan`a,C.Sha.1/9 Chakrapaan`i, A.H.Sha.3/7
Literary MeaningThe primordial Prakriti is said to be in a perfectly balanced state of Trigun`a, which are not manifest ( Avyakta ). This balance is disturbed by the contact with the Purusha and the chain of events is dominated by the Trigun`a till the end. The mind in the human body is their representative.
Implied MeaningJust as the Dosha are the essential components of the body, the three Gun`a Sattva, Raajas and Taamas ) are the three essential components or energies of the mind. Ayurveda provides a distinct description of people on the basis of their Maanasa ( psychological ) Prakriti ( constitution ). Genetically determined these psychological characteristics are dependent on the relative dominance of the three Gun`a .
ElaborationSattva is the essence, which has the characteristic tendency to manifest itself as a medium for reflection of the intelligence. Saattvika attributes are: cleanliness, belief in God, intelligence etc.
Raajas is the energy spelling efficiency. It is characterised by a tendency making a person more active, making him / her overcome resistance etc. Attributes of Raajas Gun`a are: unreservedness, capability to pick up new languages easily, strong feelings like anger, hate and jealousy, pretentious nature etc.
Taamas indicates inertia, which counteracts the tendency of Raajas like energy to do work and that of Sattva of conscious manifestation. Taamas attributes are: fear, sleepiness, foolishness, laziness, sadness etc.
Contemporary ColloquialPrimordial Matter

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