विषय सूची पर जायें

Trividha Rugn`a Pareekshaa

KeywordTrividha Rugn`a Pareekshaa
Etymology/ Definition दर्शनस्पर्शनप्रश्नैः परीक्षेताथ च रोगिणम्‌ । अ.हृ.सू.१।२२
Literary MeaningThree types of patient examination
Implied MeaningA patient should be examined with three methods:
1 ) Dars`hana ( inspection )
2 ) Spars`hana ( palpation )
3 ) Pras`hn`a ( interrogation ).
Elaboration1 ) Examination – Observations regarding various factors like gait, general appearance, colour of skin, tongue.
2 ) Palpation � In this type physician can understand various patient related factors like temperature, enlargement of organ, tenderness etc ., which help in diagnosis.
3 ) Interrogation – A tactful interrogation with a patient is the most important thing. Precise history of a patient�s disease narrated by him is one of the main sources of diagnosis. In this type a patient should be asked about the chief complaints and their onset, duration and progress. Especially in female patients one should ask about menstrual history and related factors.
AntonymAsht`avidha Pareekshaa, Das`havidha Pareekshaa

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