विषय सूची पर जायें

Trishn`aa Nigrahan`eeya

KeywordTrishn`aa Nigrahan`eeya
Literary MeaningPacifying Thirst
Implied MeaningThese drugs pacify thirst.
These are a group of substances, when administered, pacify thirst and give relief.
ElaborationThirst ( as a symptom ) is due to the vitiation of Vaayu and Agni . These two aggravated Dosha deplete Jala ( body fluids ).
Treatment of thirst is to pacify Vaata and Agni . This is achieved by S`hrita S`heeta Jala ( boiled and cooled water )
Charaka Samhitaa has discribed group of 10 drugs as Trishn`aa Nigrahan`eeya. E. g. Naagara, Dhanvayavaasa, Mustaa etc.
SynonymsTrishn`aa S`haamaka

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