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Paarthiva Dravya

KeywordPaarthiva Dravya
Literary MeaningM / W – Earthen, Earthy, Earthly, being in or relating to or coming from the earth, Terrestrial
Implied MeaningIn this group, all minerals and metals are considered.
ElaborationPaarthiva material possesses the qualities like Guru ( heavy to digest ), Manda ( slow acting ), Kat`hina ( hard ), S`hlakshn`a ( firm yet smooth ), Sthira ( steady ), Sthoola ( Thick ). These materials have dominance of qualities of Prithvi Mahaabhoota . E. g. Suvarn`a ( Gold ), S`hilaajatu ( black bitumen ) etc.
Due to non – decaying property of these materials most of drugs which belong to category are useful for Rasaayana Chikitsaa .
AntonymJaleeya, Aagneya, Vaayaveeya, Aakaas`heeya

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