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Etymology/ Definitionतत्र कारणं नाम तद् यत् करोति, स एव हेतुः स कर्तां । च.वि.८/६९
ReferenceC.Su.1/48, C.Vi.8/69
Literary MeaningM / W – Cause
Implied MeaningOut of the multiple causes for any effect, the most important and significant cause is called Kaaran`a.
ElaborationIt is the causative factor of a substance, event etc. Refer to the discussion on Hetu for the same.
According to Tarka Sangraha
A ] The cause ( Kaaran`a ) should fulfil following conditions:
1. It should exist before Kaarya ( effect )
2. It is different from already existing other things and not related with concerned Kaarya .( Anyathaasiddha )
Types of Kaaran`a:
1. Samavaayi Kaaran`a
2. Asamavaayi Kaaran`a
3. Nimitta Kaaran`a
4. Dyotaka Kaaran`a
B ] Prithvee Aapa Teja Vaayu Aakaas`ha Kaala Dig Aatman Maanas are called Nava Kaaran`a Dravya . These don’t have an origin and are perpetual. These are further divided into two types:
Moorta Dravya ( material substance )
Amoorta Dravya 

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