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Etymology/ Definitionआसवानामासुतत्वादासव संज्ञा । च.सू.२६/४९
ReferenceC.Su.26/49, Sh.S.M.10/2
Literary MeaningM / W – distilling, distillation, spirit distilled from sugar or molasses.
Implied MeaningAasava are prepared by fermentation method. Hence they are called Aasava .
ElaborationSelf generated alcoholic preparation obtained from fermentation of the juice of herbal medicines or fruits along with honey, jaggery etc.
Aasava is derived from Dhaanya ( food grains ), Phala ( fruit ), Moola ( root ), Saara ( heart wood / extract ), Pushpa ( flower ), Kaan`d`a ( stem ), Patra ( leaves ), Tvachaa ( bark ).
Numbers given below are as per Charaka in each category
Aasava derived from Parts of plantsNumberDhaanyaasava – from pulses6Phalaasava – from fruit26Moolasava – from roots11Saaraasava – from heart wood20Pushpaasava – from flowers10Kaan`d`aasava – from stems4Patraasava – from leaves2Tvagaasava – from skin of stems and roots4S`harkaraasava – from sugar1
SynonymsArisht`a, Suraa, Aasuta
Contemporary ColloquialDrug containing alcohol

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