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Etymology/ Definitionसारतश्चत्यादौ सारशब्देन विशुद्धतरो धातुरुच्यते। च.वि.८/१०२ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Vi.8/102 Chakrapaan`i
Literary MeaningExcellence of Dhaatu
Implied MeaningDuring metabolism of various tissues a stage comes when the tissue is totally devoid of impurities and is capable of performing its functions with excellence. This stage is termed as Dhaatusaarataa .
ElaborationCharakaachaarya described Saarataa Pareekshan`a as one of the factors in Das`havidha Aatura Pareekshaa ( Ten fold evaluation of a patient ).
It is done with a purpose of estimating the power and efficiency and the expected life span of the person. It is of eight types, one for each Dhaatu and one for Sattva.
1. Tvaksaara – individuals having excellence of Tvak ( Skin, Rasa )
2. Raktasaara – individuals having excellence of Rakta ( Blood )
3. Maamsasaara – individuals having excellence of Maamsa ( Muscle tissue )
4. Medasaara – individuals having excellence of Meda ( Fatty tissue )
5. Asthisaara – individuals having excellence of Asthi ( Bony tissue )
6. Majjaasaara – individuals having excellence of Majjaa ( marrow )
7. S`hukrasaara – individuals having excellence of S`hukra ( Semen, reproductive tissue )
8. Sattvasaara – individuals having excellence of Sattva ( Mind )
The details of each of these are described in Charaka Samhitaa.
The impure or weak body tissues ( Asaara ) are bound to develop related symptoms e. g. Asaara Asthi Dhaatu ( weak bony tissue ) leads spontaneous fractures of bone, cracking of nails.
AntonymDhaatu Asaarataa

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