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Etymology/ Definition पक्तव्यं यदपक्त्वैव ष्टिं कोष्ठे मलादिकम्‌ ।
नयत्यधः स्रंसनं तद्यथा स्यात्कृतमालकः ॥ शा. सं पू खं. ४/४
Literary MeaningM / W – laxative, purging
Implied MeaningThe Dravya, which do not contribute to the processes of digestion ( Pachana ) but gently remove the undigested or partly digested food residue, which are stuck to intestine ( Pachyamaanaas`haya ) and move them downwards.
ElaborationDue to its mild and unctuous properties these substances succeed in gently removing the adherent faecal matter from the intestinal walls without damaging them. The resultant stool is sticky, soft, ill formed, mud like and never watery like in cases of other stronger purgatives. E. g. Aaragvadha ( Cassia fistula )
SynonymsMridu rechaka
Contemporary ColloquialSoft purgative

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